The common acrylic bending in life is basically a thinner plate to be bent after heating, and local bending can be directly heated on the bending machine and then bend; then what if it is a thicker plate? What to do? Let AIXI Hardware explain to you:

The overall bending process of 18MM thick acrylic sheet is to melt all the acrylic sheet, this step needs to enter the oven. In this process, the acrylic board needs to be put into the oven. When the temperature in the oven rises to the melting point of acrylic, the acrylic board will gradually soften, then take out the acrylic board and place it on the mold, and finally slowly cool it and it will completely conform to the mold. on. At that time, it should be noted that the temperature of the oven also needs to be controlled and cannot be raised too high all at once. After the heat-melted acrylic encounters cold air, it will gradually harden and begin to form.

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