CNC spark machine (EDM) is a computer digitally controlled spark machine to realize multi-axis linkage processing equipment.

The CNC spark machine (EDM) realizes automatic control through the computer to complete complex and precise spark machining. In the actual machining process, the computer sends instructions to control the EDM according to the input program to realize single-axis or multi-axis CNC machining.

Advantages of CNC spark machine (EDM) :

1: Point-to-point shift function, CNC spark machine (EDM) can realize point-to-point shift of each axis, just select the axis and input the value, and the positioning is accurate. Thanks to the high-resolution optical scale and full closed loop control.

2: Automatic friction function, CNC spark machine (EDM) can realize X, Y, Z three-axis automatic profiling, single-axis or three-axis automatic profiling. After selecting the direction of the profiling axis and pressing the OK key, the profiling axis will move to the profiling direction, and the mold will be touched three times, and the profiling speed will gradually slow down. After the third profiling is completed, it will automatically exit 2mm and return to zero automatically.

3: Automatic centering function, CNC spark machine can realize the function of automatically finding the center of the workpiece, select the pattern (such as square or round) that needs to be automatically centered, and set the amount of movement according to the size of the workpiece. After pressing the OK button, each axis first Automatically move to the side, and calculate the center point position based on the side data, and finally move each axis to the center point position.

4: Multi-direction discharge function, CNC spark machine has 3-axis 6-direction discharge function, X, Y, Z three-axis + or-direction can all discharge machining.

5: Multi-group coordinate point function, CNC spark machine has a total of 50 coordinate points. For some workpieces that are inconvenient to arrange neatly, the multi-coordinate point function can be fully utilized. Even if the workpiece is randomly placed, as long as different coordinate points are used to record, continuous automatic processing can be easily realized.

6: CNC spark machine has a variety of shaking functions, which can realize 2D and 3D shaking processing.

7: Automatic adjustment of processing parameters. CNC spark machine has the function of automatic adjustment of processing parameters. When it detects that the discharge is unstable, it can automatically send instructions to adjust the voltage in the processing parameters to enable stable processing, and automatically restore when the processing is stable To the original parameter.

8: CNC spark machine G code editing function, international general CNC instruction and standard G code, ISO code, easy to program, different from simple spark machine.

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