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Vacuum Casting Silicon Molding Transparent Polycarbonat (PC)

Vacuum casting PC

Vacuum Casting Silicon Molding Transparent Polycarbonat (PC) We have project experience for vacuum castint transparent pc . For the transparent pc , we will use transparent silicone make mold , then make transparent pc , the transparent will better . if you have any products inquiry , welcome contact us .  

What are the advantages of silicone molding ?

vacuum casting

Vacuum injection molding, namely vacuum compound mold, also called silicone compound mold, needs to be applied to silicone mold. The castable is defoamed, mixed, preheated, and molded under vacuum conditions, and the process of secondary curing and molding is performed in a thermostat at 60℃-80℃ for 2-3 hours, and the imitation of silicone compound molding…

Additive manufacturing and traditional processing

Additive manufacturing (AM) technology is a type of technology based on a brand-new manufacturing concept that uses gradually increasing materials to manufacture solid parts. There are also other titles, such as rapid prototyping manufacturing (rapid prototyping manufacturing, RPM), three-dimensional printing (stereoscopic printing, 3D printing) (stereoscopic printing, 3D-printing), solid free-form fabrication (solid free-form fabrication) Wait. Compared…

Talk the surface treatment

1: anodizing In order to enrich the color of the product, we can usually make some oxidation treatment. The oxidation treatment can make all the colors except white. The oxidation treatment is done for the aluminum alloy. If it is other materials, it can’t make anodization. Steel material, you can choose plating, etc. anodized aluminum,…