With the development of science and technology, people have put forward various new requests for the appearance and appearance of CNC processing of aluminum alloy shells. For example, when electroplating is used on a large area of ​​CNC processed products of aluminum alloy shells, people are more and more tired of the shiny plating luster. Turn to smoke-like colors, and elegant colors like satin. Thus developed electroplating alloys. Here is a brief introduction to several decoration electroplating alloys used in product finishes.

Aluminum shell cnc processing

1. Aluminum alloy casing CNC processing electroplated tin-cobalt alloy The color of electroplated tin-cobalt alloy and cobalt electroplating is relatively close, but it is more gentle and more popular. At present, most foreign countries are used to replace chromium. Cobalt plating is not easy to stop barrel plating, while tin-cobalt alloy plating is suitable for barrel plating of small parts. In addition, the electroplated tin-cobalt alloy has excellent uniform plating ability and barrel plating ability, so it can be applied to workpieces with complex shapes. If double-layer nickel is electroplated on the bottom layer, its corrosion resistance is not inferior to that of chromium electroplating. In order to avoid discoloration of the surface, the method of dipping chromate is used to stop the treatment, which can also improve its corrosion resistance. Its appearance is light rose color, which makes people feel very good, and has excellent corrosion resistance. If a tin-nickel alloy plating is applied to the shiny substrate or the bright nickel plating layer, a good gloss appearance can be obtained. If the plating is stopped on the matt surface (pear pattern), the original condition of the surface can be presented. The plating ability of the electroplated layer is excellent, and it is almost intact without leveling effect, so it is suitable for the plating of extremely fine lines and rotating processed products.

Gold plated aluminum alloy CNC processing

2. Aluminum alloy CNC processed electroplated copper-tin alloy aluminum alloy shell low tin bronze coating color is pink or golden, fine crystal, it has high corrosion resistance and good polishing function, often used as protection-decoration The base layer of nickel is used in light industry, handicraft industry, mechanical instrumentation industry and other industries. The tin-tin bronze coating is golden in color, and its corrosion protection ability is better. It is mainly used as the bottom layer of decorative chrome plating. The hardness and stability of aluminum alloy processing are higher than that of low tin bronze plating. However, due to the high tin content of the coating, the bottom layer of the protective decoration coating simply blooms after chrome plating, which is a defect of the middle tin bronze coating. The high tin bronze coating has a beautiful snow-white gloss and good polishing function, has high hardness and wear resistance, and is used in industrial design to replace silver or chromium as reflective equipment, instrumentation, daily products, etc. Decorative exterior plating.

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