In cnc processing, whether it is manual programming or automatic programming, before programming, it is necessary to perform process analysis on the processed parts, formulate a processing plan, select the appropriate tool, and determine the cutting amount. In programming, some technical issues (such as tool setting points, processing routes, etc.) also need to be dealt with. Therefore, the process analysis in programming is a very important task.

When processing parts on an ordinary machine tool, a process specification or a process card is used to specify the operating procedures for each process. The operator processes the parts according to the ‘procedures’ specified on the process card. When processing precision parts in aluminum alloy cnc, all the process, process parameters and displacement data to be processed must be compiled into a program and recorded in the form of digital information on the control medium (such as perforated paper tape, magnetic disk, etc.). It controls machine tool processing. It can be seen that the machining process of aluminum alloy cnc is basically the same as that of ordinary machine tools, but the entire process of CNC machining is carried out automatically, so it has its own unique features, which are specifically reflected in the following two aspects.

1. The content of the process is complicated. This is because CNC machine tools are more expensive than ordinary machine tools. It is not economically advantageous to process only simple processes. Therefore, more complicated procedures are usually arranged on CNC machine tools, even those processes that are difficult to complete on ordinary machine tools.
2. The arrangement of working steps is more detailed. This is because the problems that need not be considered in the CNC part processing technology, such as the arrangement of the working steps in the process, tool setting point, tool changing point and processing route.

Aluminum alloy CNC machining has more advantages than ordinary machine tool processing, and customers are more recognized for aluminum alloy CNC machining products, but for the enterprise, in the actual processing process, some necessary details need to be paid attention to by the operator. What are the specifics?

1. The operation rules of the machining center must be followed. Before work, wear protective equipment, tie up cuffs, and don’t wear scarves, gloves, ties, or apron. Female workers’ braids should be put in hats. Tools or other objects are not allowed to be placed on electrical appliances, operation cabinets and protective covers. It is not allowed to directly remove iron filings by hand, and special tools should be used for cleaning.

2. Check the operating conditions of the system such as protection, insurance, signal, position, mechanical transmission part, electrical and hydraulic digital display on the equipment. Under all normal conditions, the cutting process can be performed.
3. Check whether the tool compensation, machine tool zero point and workpiece zero point are correct before starting. The relative position of each button should meet the operation requirements. Prepare and input NC program carefully.
4. The trial run of the machine tool before aluminum alloy cnc processing should check the operating conditions of the lubrication, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, digital display and other systems. Under all normal conditions, the cutting process can be performed. After the machine tool enters the machining operation according to the program, the operator is not allowed to touch the workpiece, tool and transmission part of the athlete, and it is forbidden to pass or take tools and other objects through the transmission part of the machine tool. It is forbidden to leave the work position when the machine tool is turned. If you want to leave for some reason, put the workbench in the middle position, the cutter bar returns, you must stop, and cut off the power supply of the host machine.
5. When adjusting the machine tool, clamping the workpiece and tool, and wiping the machine tool, it must be stopped. If abnormal conditions and alarm signals are found, they should stop immediately and ask relevant personnel to check.

Due to the high price of aluminum alloy CNC machining center, everyone must handle the details and implement the operation in accordance with the regulations to avoid failures, affect personnel safety, and affect product quality.

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