10 years ago, the foreign trade business was really very good, because the manufacturing and processing companies are relatively small, the competitive pressure is very small, even I heard from their predecessors that doing PI can be soft, send a development letter, it will I got a reply from a foreign customer. I can imagine that the market is very large and there are very few suppliers. At that time, I can do a good job of doing a B2B platform such as Amazon, Global Sources, Made in China, Alibaba, etc. Over time, nowadays, there are manufacturers all over the place. In the price war, it is very difficult for some processing factories to live. Even large-scale factories have closed down, how to stand out in the traditional processing industry, and now every enterprise Home is considering a problem, as our AIXI Hardware company, really do not want you to choose us because of the price, and hope that you are because of our service, professionalism, quality, fast delivery and our long-term cooperation, the only way It is a stable business ecology in the world, not just the hardware processing and manufacturing industry. All industries are like this. Only by improving service, quality and having a professional team will the company go further.

For AIXI Hardware, in the manufacturing industry, we hope to be the best in the industry, at least to make every customer we serve have a good reputation for us. For the processing industry, this is a relatively serious industry, the team can be pragmatic, seriously do each product well, testing each size is a must we have to do good things.

For the next three years of development of AIXI Hardware.
1: Increase the personnel and testing equipment of the quality department, strengthen the management and improvement of the quality personnel, and be able to 100% OK for each product, without any problems after the customer receives it.
2: Consolidate more Chinese manufacturing and manufacturing plants, strengthen the training and management of workshop personnel, so that they all have a complete AIXI company management process, more to avoid some cost loss on the shop floor, never able to serve customers In the case of the same quality of service, to get a more competitive price.
3: Strengthen the professional knowledge training of business personnel, and every salesman working at AIXI company can visit customers abroad to understand the customer’s products and make it better to serve customers.
4: Constantly explore, learn new knowledge, and let AIXI always be in line with international standards.
5: Set up a professional R&D department to develop some sophisticated products.

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