Cnc processing manufacturers have different advantages, small factories are suitable for proofing, large manufacturers are suitable for large quantities, and must find suitable CNC processing plants according to our own requirements, usually calculated according to the length of product processing time.
So how do you calculate the cnc processing price?

1. Problems with the processing plant. If the cnc processing plant can handle it, there is of course no problem. If the processing plant has some procedures to be outsourced, the price will increase accordingly. Therefore, for CNC machining, we must select suitable processing manufacturers to prevent more costs. Many customers don’t understand why the CNC processing manufacturers offer different prices. In fact, in addition to the above mentioned costs, there are the following factors:

2, the complexity and tolerance of the workpiece, especially the geometrical tolerance, which is the accuracy level, which has a great influence on the quotation of the workpiece.

3, processing batch problems, the price of single and large quantities may vary greatly.

4, the local hourly rate, there is also a great relationship; there is the material, is the degree of easy cutting, these factors affect the quotation, so the quotation problem is a comprehensive problem.

5. Look at your drawings and technical standards.

6. Usually the parts are calculated according to the material cost + processing fee + profit. The processing fee depends on the process. The processing price of the different processing equipment is of course different. Some calculations are based on working hours (turning time, grinding time, etc.) ), some are calculated according to the process.

7, there is a number of problems, the amount of large, of course, if it is a single piece is terrible, even if it is a small piece, the material is not retail, it is the price of your entire board.

8. There are differences in the materials of the localities. In some places, the price difference is very large.


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