Usually , when we received customer drawings , in fact , we dont know the product purpose , just only know how to machining it .

Sometimes , customer will tell us the purpose , for example, for our products used on very precision machine , so the tolerance is very important .Also some customer tell us the surface is very important , becasue the products used on Audio , CD , Headphone . so the surface never scratched .

Indeed , if customer tell us which part is important , will better , because we will foucs on to machining , and careful . finally get a good products .

Sure , for the world , so many parts need to customized , for our factory , We also have rich experience in various industries , if you have customized products , please contact us .

Audio ,Bicycle Brake ,Headphone ,Mountain bicycle as below pictures . (sure , we also have light products, coffee machine, motorbike, Automotive and so on… )

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