CNC machining generally refers to computer digital precision machining, CNC machining lathes, CNC milling machines, and CNC machining iron beds. It is an automatic machine tool equipped with program control. Computer numerical control machine tool is a programmable control automatic machine tool.

cnc processing knowledge

Create CNC process functions and CNC machining process plans:

(1) The CNC process considers the process of machining parts, clamping and positioning of machined parts, tool selection, process routes that can be simplified in conventional processes, cutting methods and process parameters, etc.

(2) The design of cnc machining process is mainly used to guide the CNC programming. Our company combines the responsibilities of CNC technicians and programmers, and the engineers are responsible for the entire mold cnc processing process, which improves work efficiency.

(3) CNC processing has a high degree of automation and many influencing factors. Quality and safety itself is very important in CNC processing and must be guaranteed.

(4) The preparation of cnc processing technology should have strict rationality. The CNC process is complex and has many influencing factors. It is necessary to think deeply about the whole process of CNC machining in order to program the CNC process well. Due to the high degree of automation and poor adaptability of CNC processing, it is difficult for the staff to correct on-site problems when problems occur. Light-duty manufacturing and processing defects may cause safety accidents on the way. Therefore, the CNC process must be systematically designed in advance.

(5) The inheritance of CNC numerical control technology is good. It has been proved to be a good CNC numerical control process in production. It can make a template, save it as a file, and call it when processing similar parts in the future, saving time and ensuring quality.

CNC Prototype

CNC sequence ordering must comply with the following general rules:

1. First the main parameters and then the secondary parameters.

2. Face first and then hole, mill first and then drill.

3. First rough and then fine.

4. The inner cavity is processed first, and then the shape is processed.

5. According to the sequence of the process, the tool diameter varies from large to small.

6. The treatment of the previous process will not affect the clamping and positioning of the next process.

7. The same tooling and fixtures should be put together to reduce duplication of clips and positions.

8. The CNC process must be centralized.

9. Do not use program instructions that weaken the stiffness of the part first.

CNC Milling Machining

A good CNC machining process plan needs to consider the following aspects:

Whether it can meet the technical requirements of the parts, whether it can improve the efficiency of CNC machining, the machining cost is low, and the quality control is good.

Therefore, the overall CNC machining process plan is usually as follows:
1. Selection of CNC machine tools.

2. Select a processing method.

3. Determine how to clamp the part, then select Clamp.

4. Positioning method.

5. Inspection requirements and inspection methods.

6. Select the tool.

7. Error control and tolerance control in processing.

8. Define the CNC process.

9. CNC sequence.

10. Select cutting parameters.

11. Prepare the CNC machining program table.

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