The cnc machining center is suitable for parts with appropriate batches that are complex, have many processes, require high precision, and require multiple types of ordinary machine tools and many kinds of tools and tooling. After many times of clamping and adjustment, the machining can be completed. The main processing objects are as follows:

1. Box-type parts: Box-type parts refer to parts with more than one hole system and more cavity parts. These parts are more in the machinery, automobile, aircraft and other industries, such as the engine block of automobiles. Gearbox body, machine head box, headstock, diesel engine block, gear pump housing, etc.
The box parts are processed on the machining center, and the assembly can complete 60%~95% of the process contents of the ordinary machine tool. The accuracy of the parts is consistent, the quality is stable, and the production cycle can be shortened and the cost can be reduced. For parts with more processing stations and multiple rotation angles for the workbench, the horizontal machining center is generally used. When the machining station is small and the span is small, the vertical machining center can be selected from one end. Processing saves time.

2, complex curved surface: In the fields of aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, national defense and other fields, complex surface types occupy a large proportion, such as impellers, propellers, various curved surface forming dies, etc., impeller parts.
As far as the possibility of machining is concerned, when there is no machining interference zone or machining blind zone, the complex curved surface can generally be processed by a ball-end milling cutter for three-coordinate linkage processing, and the machining precision is high, but the efficiency is low. If the workpiece has a machining interference zone or a machining dead zone, it is necessary to consider a machine tool that uses four-coordinate or five-coordinate linkage.

3. Shaped parts: Shaped parts are irregularly shaped parts. Most of them require multi-station mixing of points, lines and surfaces, such as brackets, pedestals, prototypes, and masters. The rigidity of the special-shaped parts is generally poor, the clamping and cutting deformation are difficult to control, and the machining accuracy is also difficult to guarantee. At this time, the characteristics of the machining center process can be fully utilized, and reasonable process measures can be used to complete the multi-channel one or two times. Process or all processing content.

4. Disc, sleeve and plate parts: with keyway, radial hole or end face with distributed hole system and curved sleeve or shaft parts, as well as plate parts with more porous processing, suitable for machining center machining . For parts with distributed holes and curved surfaces, vertical machining centers and optional horizontal machining centers with radial holes are required.

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