Nowadays, most of the products in this society are processed by hardware accessories, but the steps of surface processing of hardware accessories may not be clear to everyone. The most common processing technology for hardware accessories processing is through modern technology. Development of the plating of the surface of the hardware accessories, to ensure that the product does not occur in the long-term use of mold and embroidery, the plating process is common: screws, stamping parts, battery pieces, car parts, small jewelry and other hardware parts.

The paint and spray processing hardware parts factory adopts baking varnish and spray paint processing when producing large-scale hardware products, and the hardware is prevented from rusting by baking paint processing. Surface polishing is generally used in daily necessities. Some products are occasionally produced with small burrs. Because of this, we also perform surface burrs on hardware products. The tool is simple, easy to manufacture, sharpen and easy to install; the cutting process is stable, the cutting force fluctuates less, which is beneficial to adopt high cutting speed and improve productivity; the machine has good versatility, and can process the outer circle, the end surface and the inner hole in one clamping. , threads and chamfers. The mutual positional accuracy between the surfaces. Turning the outer round surface is the basic method for processing the outer round surface in hardware processing. The equipment used is a lathe. In general machinery factories, lathes account for about 40% of the total number of machine tools. Turning is the main method for roughing and semi-finishing the outer circular surface of various materials, and is also the method for the final precision machining of various materials that are not suitable for grinding.

The above points are some simple methods for the surface processing of stainless steel hardware accessories. Friends who want to know more hardware accessories can pay attention to our website. You can also send us an email.

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