Acrylic display stands, as a relatively high-quality plexiglass, have been widely used in the production of various crafts and display stands. Among them, there are about six types of acrylic display rack manufacturing processes:

1. Mosaic method: According to the design drawing, use a laser cutting machine to cut the different colors of the acrylic display rack into the required geometric figures, and inlay and splice it on the bottom plate. This method is convenient for transportation and customers can assemble by themselves.

2. Pasting method: After cutting the acrylic display stand into a certain shape, paste it on the plane. Both cutting and pasting have higher technical requirements.

3. Heat simmering method: heat the acrylic display stand, directly nest and knead it by hand. This method requires experienced and agile masters to complete. Without the molding machine, it is made by hand. The finished product is simple and rough, and it is mostly used for making decorations on display stands.

4. Hot pressing method: This method requires first manufacturing a hot pressing mold according to the design drawing, using wood and sludge for shaping, and then using cast lead and gypsum materials as the male and female molds. After heating the acrylic plate, it is hot-pressed in the mold. How the finished product is to a large extent depends on the quality of the mold. The finished product pressed by a good mold has the characteristics of full body, smooth curve, strong three-dimensional effect, and embossed effect.


5. Vertical grinding method: After bonding the stick-shaped acrylic display stand or thick plate-shaped acrylic, it is directly ground and polished on a grinding wheel. The main feature of this method is the pattern design on the surface of the acrylic display stand. The acrylic display stand is superimposed and pasted together, and then the section is directly ground and formed. The finished product can get a variety of color and natural effect. For many years, thermoforming has been one of the most creative uses of acrylic display stands. With the improvement of processing technology and the enrichment and improvement of product varieties and performance, compared with other traditional advertising sign materials, the processing of acrylic display stands is easier and safer, and the product cost-effectiveness is more reasonable.

6. Break grinding method: overlap and paste the plate-shaped acrylic together, and then directly shave the section to form. The finished product can get a variety of color and natural effect.

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