Many people understand the processing of CNC lathes, and also understand the meaning of cnc production and processing. However, what does it mean for the production and processing of aluminum alloy profiles cnc is not mastery. In fact, aluminum alloy profile cnc production and processing is a way to use the intelligent information content to manipulate the CNC lathe fitness movement and production process. The numerical control machining technology is used to implement the CNC lathes for production and processing operations, that is to say, the numerically controlled lathes equipped with CNC machine tools are called CNC machine tools (NC) CNC lathes.

1. Aluminum alloy profile shell CNC production and processing electroplating tin-cobalt alloy
The color of electroplated tin-cobalt alloy and electroplated cobalt is relatively close, but it is milder and more popular among everyone. At this stage, most of the overseas is used to replace chromium. Electroplated cobalt is not easy to perform barrel plating, while electroplated tin-cobalt alloy can be used for barrel plating of small parts. In addition, the electroplated tin-cobalt alloy has high-quality throwing ability and barrel plating capability, so it can be applied to complicated steel parts. When two layers of nickel are electroplated on the lowest layer, the corrosion resistance is not inferior to that of the plating. In order to avoid surface fading, the solution is pre-soaked with chromate to improve its corrosion resistance.
Its appearance is light rose, which makes people feel good and has excellent corrosion resistance. For glossy plates or electroplated layers of bright nickel, tin-nickel-based alloy plating is applied to obtain an excellent gloss surface. If plating is performed on a dull surface (pear pattern), the original condition of the surface can appear. The plating ability of the electroplated layer is very good, and basically has no flatness effect. Therefore, it is suitable for plating of ultra-fine wireframes and rotating production and processing crafts.

2, aluminum alloy profile CNC production and processing of electroplated copper – tin aluminum alloy
The low tin bronze coating of the aluminum alloy shell is light pink or golden yellow, and the crystal is fine. It has high corrosion resistance and excellent throwing light performance, and is often used as a safety protection – the bottom layer of the art of nickel. It is used in industrial, handicraft, mechanical equipment, instrument panel industrial production and other industrial production. The color of the tin-plated bronze coating is golden yellow and the corrosion resistance is good. The key is used as the bottom layer of the Art Deco plating. The strength of the aluminum alloy processing is higher in the gas than in the low tin bronze coating. However, because the tin content of the coating is high, the bottom layer of the decorative art decoration is very easy to bloom after the chrome is set, which is a disadvantage of the Chinese tin bronze coating. High-tin bronze coating has beautiful silver gloss and excellent throwing light performance, high strength and wear resistance. It is used in industrial product design to replace silver or chromium as light-receiving equipment, instrumentation, daily necessities, etc. Safety protection – Art Deco surface plating.
Electroplating is a process in which a metal film is adhered to the surface of a metal or other material by electrolysis. The following is a brief description of some of the commonly used coatings for fasteners.
Electroplating refers to a surface processing method in which a pre-plated metal is used as a cathode in a salt solution containing a pre-plated metal, and a pre-plated cation in the plating solution is deposited on the surface of the base metal by electrolysis to form a plating layer. Therefore, the electroplated member functions to prevent corrosion, improve wear resistance, increase hardness, improve conductivity, lubricity, heat resistance, light reflectivity, and enhance aesthetics.u8yh77j

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