In a powerful precision machinery processing plant, there are generally available processing materials available on the market. These precision mechanical parts are processed with materials that have their own properties and shortcomings. Just as the precision machining of transparent parts, there is a clear difference between the PC and the acrylic material used. Although these two materials are all transparent materials, they are also commonly used materials for precision machining of transparent parts. Then, when processing precision mechanical parts, how to choose the processing materials, the following is a small series for you to introduce.

No matter what precision machined materials are different, the material directly feels the performance of precision mechanical parts processing. In terms of transparency, acrylic is much better than PC, but from the perspective of temperature resistance, acrylic hand can not withstand high temperature, PC hand is the temperature resistance of the Biaker hand, can withstand high temperatures of 130 degrees or so will not produce Deformation. These differences should be well understood by many customers who have done precision machining in transparent mechanical processing plants. Therefore, customers who require high precision machining performance (mainly strength and high temperature resistance) will choose PC for precision machining.
For these two materials, there are also differences in the processing of precision machining. In terms of processing, the same process is used differently. PC precision machining requires fumigation to achieve a better transparency; PMMA precision machining requires only a polished finish to achieve a good transparency. The above is the difference between PC and acrylic materials introduced by precision machinery processing factory, I hope to help you.


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