The processing of the surface of the sheet metal chassis is commonly used: cold plate, hot plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized iron sheet, with different appearance processing skills. The cold plate and hot plate can be used as powder or paint. Before the powder, it is necessary to ensure that there is no oil coating material, no rust, no impurities and the surface of the coating should be evenly distributed with a layer of phosphating film to improve the adhesion of the coating and Corrosion resistance, only the oil removal and clean coating treatments previously painted, without phosphating, and then simplify the pretreatment process.
Ways to reduce the processing damage of sheet metal chassis:

1. The warning light is closed and turned on during use.

2. The sliding window is wider than one meter or double-glazed doors and windows with a double pulley.

3. The metal stamping parts device shall be regularly protected after avoiding rust and corrosion.

4. The door lock of the window entry frame is assembled by hand. To ensure correctness, the switch must be flexible.

5. The fastening screws of the device must be set on the metal lining, the thickness of the lining is twice as fast as the hardware in the fastener field.

6. It is necessary to select hardware models, specifications and functions for sheet metal processing in accordance with national regulations and rules, and to match the selection of PVC doors and windows.

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