When we are using the vehicle, when we suddenly realize that there is a problem or failure of the damper, we should first stop the car and then check whether the damper leaks oil or has traces of old oil leakage. We can go through the following local inspections, including the oil seal gasket and sealing gasket of the car, and the oil storage cylinder cover nut is loose. Some local areas may be damaged by oil seals and gaskets, and new seals should be replaced. If you still can’t eliminate the oil leakage, pull out the shock absorber. If you feel the card is issued or the weight is different, check whether the gap between the piston and the cylinder is too large. It is necessary to check the volume. There is also the shape shape inspection of the damper stamping parts, whether the piston rods are bent or not, and whether the piston rod surface and the cylinder barrel are scratched or pulled. However, if there is no oil leakage in the car damper, check the damper coupling pin, coupling hole, rubber bushing, etc. for damage, desoldering, breaking or falling. If the above inspection is normal, the damper should be further decomposed to check whether the cooperation gap between the piston and the cylinder is too large, whether there is a strain in the cylinder, whether the valve seal is good, whether the valve flap and the valve seat are tightly fitted, and Whether the extension spring of the vibrator is too soft or broken, and adopts the method of repairing or changing parts according to the situation, which is about checking the method and solution for the oil leakage of the damper.

The role of the shock absorber metal stamping parts is known to all, mainly to make the car in the exercise process to reduce the impact on the ground, to ensure driving safety and to ensure the life of the car. Especially for off-road vehicles, the loss of the damper will be greater because of the environment of the road. The reason for the analysis is mainly due to the cracks that occur in our uncomfortable habits in driving a car. In addition, if the owner is cleaning, the attachment on the damper is not cleaned up, it is very simple because of moisture and rust, so we should remember to put the damper above when dampering the damper.

The attachments and oil stains are cleaned.
Oil leakage is the main reason for reducing the life of a car damper, so we should avoid the damper oil leakage in the maintenance of the conventional damper.

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