The main factors that cause deformation are:
1: Clamping deformation, POM material is not like steel, clamping will produce deformation, after roughing, the product will return to its original state.
2: Thermal deformation, a large amount of heat is generated during processing, and the POM material is sensitive to heat, resulting in deformation
3: Elastic deformation, POM material has good toughness. When cutting, the product will be elastically deformed. After the tool leaves, the product will recover a certain amount of deformation.

The following measures can be taken to address these factors:
1: Standardize the raw materials before roughing, then open the thick plates and process them as much as possible to reduce the deformation. It can also be processed with glue, with little deformation.
2: Replace the alloy knife with a white steel knife (the common name of high speed steel knife), because the white steel knife is very sharp, and the heat generated during the cutting process is relatively small.
3: Don’t cut too much

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