3D printing is becoming more and more popular. 3D printing prototypes, 3D printing manuals, 3D printing education, 3D printing medical devices, 3D printing parts, or small things you design yourself, you can quickly print one through 3D printing. The model comes. Many people asked, how much does it cost to 3D print a model? Is 3D printing expensive? This article will give you a brief explanation.

Charge per gram

3D printing is charged in grams, and different materials have different prices. The same materials will be differentiated between domestic and imported, good accuracy and bad accuracy. Therefore, even if the materials are the same, the price will be different. Metal must be more expensive than plastic. For example, the cheapest SLA photosensitive resin material for e-key printing is 2.4 yuan / gram, and it will be cheaper if you participate in group buying. The same is photosensitive resin, SLA-2 (photosensitive resin 8000) is more expensive than SLA-1 (photosensitive resin 14120).
Some people may also wonder why the same 3D three-dimensional image, after uploading the e-key to print the automatic quotation system, the gram of different materials will be different. Here to explain, grams is the volume times the density. Although the volume is the same, the density of different materials is different, so the final grams will be different.

Special parts

Special parts refer to those not directly charged in grams. Special parts can be divided into four cases.

1. Hollow parts: Because the hollowed parts need to be supported to print when printing, the support will not cause the model to deform. At the same time, the hollowed parts are relatively large and occupy a large area of ​​the printer when printing. The automatic quotation system of the e-key printing platform does not include the weight of the support. At the same time, after the hollowed out piece is printed, the support inside needs to be manually removed, which requires labor costs.

2. Volume parts: 3D printers are of fixed size. Generally, 3D printing will put a lot of models at the same time. However, due to the large volume of volume parts, there is no way to print with other models when printing. In the same printing In time, fewer models are printed, and printing costs are higher.

3. The single piece is less than 4g: this type of model is generally large in number and small in size. When printing this type of model, it will play a few more to avoid being seen or damaged when getting off the machine. At the same time, the post-processing of models with less than 4g takes more time and the labor cost is therefore higher.

4. Fully transparent parts: Fully transparent parts need to be polished on the model later, and the transparency effect is better after polishing. The simple model is easy to polish, but the model structure is more complicated, and it is more difficult to polish. It takes more time and increases labor costs. Online quotes cannot calculate labor costs for the structure of the model. Therefore, a model like the one below is not easy to polish. Therefore, when the model is more complicated, the quotation will be combined with offline manual quotation.

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