Gear and rack drive position accuracy
The precision of gear rack transmission position is generally less than 0.1mm.
Rack and pinion drive
Advantages: Large bearing capacity, high gear and rack transmission accuracy, up to 0.1mm, can be continued with unlimited length, transmission speed can be very high,> 2m / s
Disadvantages: poor processing and installation accuracy, large transmission noise, and large wear.
Uses: Large-format steel plate, glass CNC cutting machine, building construction elevator up to 30 floors high.
(1) The characteristics of large transmission power and effective gear transmission. Gear transmission is used to transmit gears and power between any two shafts. The peripheral speed can reach 300m / s, the transmission power can reach 105KW, and the gear diameter can be from less than 1mm to 150m. transmission.
(2) Long life, stable operation and high reliability;
(3) It can guarantee a constant transmission ratio and can transmit the motion between two axes at any angle.
The main disadvantages of gear transmission compared with belt transmission are:
Rack and pinion: The manufacturing and installation accuracy requirements are high, so the cost is also high;
Transmission belt: It is not suitable for long-distance transmission.

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