The market of 1.3 billion people makes the intelligent speaker CNC machining industry flourish. CNC precision parts processing enterprises in the mainland, Europe and the United States have long begun to layout, just to grab the opportunity of smart speakers. To know the development of mainland smart speakers, you only need to look at Shenzhen CNC processing. Shenzhen brand companies have long been involved in the smart speaker business, and have achieved fruitful results in consumer electronics.

At present, Shenzhen CNC processing enterprises have already listed many mature smart speaker products, which are not only favored by young customers, but also open up the market in Taiwan. In contrast, Taiwan’s CNC precision parts processing companies are relatively calm in the layout of smart speakers. Competitors have already been under the city, and they have begun to work on CNC machining of smart speakers.
Since the second half of last year, Taiwan’s smart speaker market has begun to heat up. How can Taiwan’s CNC machining companies make mainland products bloom in Taiwan? In the self-developed voice AI technology, Taiwan CNC precision parts processing enterprises have strong competitiveness. Now it is starting to lay out the layout of the intelligent speaker CNC machining, and it also has certain advantages in the latecomer. It is not impossible to introduce a more grounded product and seize the home advantage.

At present, Taiwan’s smart speakers are still in the initial stage in the market. The sales volume of CNC machined products is still not much, but there are many CNC precision parts processing enterprises entering the market, which means that the CNC machining of smart speakers has huge market potential in the future.

From the perspective of CNC precision parts processing of consumer electronics in recent years, new CNC machining products have first appeared on the mainland. For the majority of Shenzhen CNC processing enterprises, it is generally believed that Taiwan’s parts processing enterprises are technically strong, but their consumer market is too small, often slow to find new opportunities for CNC machining.

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