CNC Machining for Headphone Products

With the diversified world nowadays, many earphone products are born, not only beautiful in appearance, but also very good in sound quality. Many personalized earphones are custom-made, so the price of the products is also very high. Let’s talk about it below. Customized production and processing of earphone metal fittings.

Background technique:

With the continuous development of the society and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the people’s requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, and the earphones have gradually evolved into an indispensable part of people’s daily life entertainment.

The comfort of the headset has always been an important parameter that plagues the headset. The most important parameter is the clamping force of the headset, and the clamping force is related to the length of the headset. At present, the earphone head is generally fixed on the plastic or steel belt by the elastic piece, and the positioning of the ear shell at the desired position is achieved by the snap fit between the elastic piece and the sliding portion of the wearing bracket, thereby providing clamping for the head mounted bracket. force. However, when the sliding portion slides away from the limiting groove on the sliding portion, there is a feeling of frustration, and the sound generated during sliding is relatively large.

Technical realization elements:

The utility model provides a headphone, wherein the sliding seat slides smoothly and has no feeling of frustration. The headset includes a headband and a sliding seat, and the sliding seat is slidably mounted on the headband, the sliding seat has a sliding surface that is slidingly engaged with the headband; the sliding surface is provided with a wear-resistant piece, and the wear-resistant piece An elastic member in a compressed state is provided between the sliding surface and the sliding surface. A wear-resistant piece is fixed on the sliding surface of the sliding seat, and the friction coefficient of the wear-resistant piece is low, which satisfies the requirement of sliding smoothness of the sliding seat, and prevents the sliding seat from being deformed due to too much frictional force when sliding by the driving force, and the sliding process At the same time, an elastic member in a compressed state is disposed between the wear surface of the wear piece and the sliding seat, and if the sliding seat stops sliding, it is only necessary to remove the driving force to the sliding seat, and the wear piece will Abutting on the headband under the elastic component restoring force, the sliding seat is positioned at the stop position, and the stepless adjustment of the sliding seat sliding is realized. )

Headphone shell parts

As shown in the picture below, this earphone casing is processed by cnc, then polished, and finally anodized/electroplated. Of course, we can also customize the logo according to the customer’s needs. Everyone knows that the cost of cnc processing is very high, and then the surface treatment is a series of Cost, so you can see that the price of the higher-end headphones on the market is very high.

Headphone bracket section

Many earphone bracket parts are cnc machining, and cnc turning, then cnc milling, we have made a headphone bracket, which is processed by cnc five-axis. It is conceivable that the cost is really high, and this is only One of the accessories, for surface treatment, we can make electroplating, dusting, oxidation, etc., according to the customer’s design.

Magnesium material production

For the lightness of the headphones, some designers now have high requirements for materials, and they will pursue materials with lighter weight. Therefore, they chose magnesium alloy, which is expensive and processed. Xu Ya is very careful because magnesium is flammable. In short, magnesium has many benefits, but because it is flammable, we need to be careful when it comes to production. If you want to choose a mold to make magnesium products, the price is usually Double the aluminum material.

Brass material

Brass material is always one of the designers’ choices. I have heard from customers before, because after investigation, the color of brass itself is liked by everyone, and it is very textured.

CNC Industry

For the iterative update of the product, as our manufacturer, we are more hoping to help our customers to become the perfect product, which is the end of our struggle.

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