I believe that many people are familiar with CNC production and processing of four-axis machines. Do you have any difficult problems in CNC production and processing of four-axis machines?

1. Operation process, wear all labor protection products, perform lubrication maintenance according to the regulations, and check the remaining oil of each lubricating grease.

2. Carefully handle the workpiece when it is clamped to prevent damage and damage the countertop surface. When the workpiece is heavy, it is also necessary to check the load-bearing capacity of the countertop on the CNC lathe, and overload operation is strictly prohibited.

3. After the CNC lathe is started, check the machine tool spindle, whether the exercise and fitness in all directions of the workbench are normal, and there are no abnormal noises.

4. The four-axis machine CNC production and processing program needs to be checked and verified before it can be operated. When using the idle speed function, the matching of the CNC tool should be clarified.

5, four-axis machine CNC production process should always pay attention to the CNC lathe’s exercise and fitness and production and processing conditions are normal, encounter anomalies. In the case of noise and alarms, it is necessary to wait for the inspection and processing, and the mechanical fault elimination side can be re-processed.
The machining center, commonly known as cnc, is a high-efficiency automation CNC lathe that is composed of industrial equipment and CNC machine tools and is used in the production and processing of complicated workpieces. The machining center is also called a computer. The machining center is equipped with a CNC knife and has a fully automatic tool change function. It is a CNC lathe that carries out multi-process production and processing after the workpiece is clamped once. The machining center is a high-alloy mechatronics product. After the workpiece is clamped, the CNC machine tool can manipulate the CNC lathe to automatically select, replace the tool, fully automatic tool setting, fully automatic change of the spindle bearing speed ratio, and cutting. Speed, etc., can continue drilling, boring, milling, reaming, tapping and other processes, thus greatly reducing the process time of the workpiece clamping time, accurate measurement and CNC lathe adjustment, etc. Very complicated, with high precision regulations,
When using a five-axis machining center for mold manufacturing, the tool can be used for more reasonable drilling conditions from the beginning to the end. In some processing plants, several inches of tools can be used to bypass each other’s intervention. Yes, the precision of production and processing and the high efficiency of production and processing can be improved. The five-axis machining center is a new technology method that not only can carry out the daily tasks of specialized production and processing of complicated workpieces, but also can quickly improve the high efficiency of production and processing, and reduce the production and processing steps.

The accuracy of the infeed trajectory can be checked by using the empty operation of the CNC machining center. When the program flow is entered into the CNC machining center, the tool or workpiece can be attached, and then the empty operation button is pressed. When the spindle bearing does not rotate, the console is automatically started according to the movement track. At this time, it can be detected whether the tool will be Collision with a workpiece or fixture. However, in such a case, it is necessary to ensure that the workpiece is not equipped with a workpiece; when the tool is loaded, the workpiece cannot be loaded, or an impact may occur.

Generally, a relatively good CNC machining center often has a graphic display information function. When the program flow is typed, the graphical simulation can be enabled to display the information, and the trajectory of the tool can be viewed in detail, so that it is easy to check whether the tool and the workpiece or the fixture are hit.

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