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What is the effect of stainless steel passivation?

CNC machining stainless steel

Passivation is a method to transform the metal surface into a state that is not easy to be oxidized, and to delay the corrosion rate of the metal. In addition, the phenomenon that an active metal or alloy becomes a noble metal with its chemical activity greatly reduced is also called passivation. Passivation advantages 1….

What are the surface treatment processes of aluminum alloy?

CNC color aluminum parts

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, there are more and more kinds of aluminum alloy surface treatment processes. The appearance of each treatment process is different, and its use is also different. What are the surface treatment processes of aluminum alloy 1. Highlight cutting Use a precision engraving machine to cut some parts…

Five difficulties of stainless steel processing products

CNC machining stainless steel

1. When stainless steel is processed, the workpiece and the tool generate high heat, and the tool is easy to wear. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the knife, which must be wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant. At the same time, make the cutting edge sharp and choose a reasonable angle. 2. The speed is slow,…

What is the difference between steel, aluminum and brass sheet metal?

heet metal machinin

Introduction    Metal Sheets have been part of the manufacturing industry for years. Their next-level fabrication support nurtures many real-life applications. The sheet plates are not limited to steel or brass; many alloys of Aluminum or steel are also used. The machining processes shape them into different products. Today, we have three of the most…