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CNC Machining for Headphone Products Knowledge

CNC Machining for Headphone Products With the diversified world nowadays, many earphone products are born, not only beautiful in appearance, but also very good in sound quality. Many personalized earphones are custom-made, so the price of the products is also very high. Let’s talk about it below. Customized production and processing of earphone metal fittings….

Application and characteristics of stamping parts

First, the stamping part is the power of the conventional or special stamping equipment, so that the sheet material is directly subjected to the deformation force in the mold and deformed, thereby obtaining the production technology of the product parts of a certain shape, size and performance. Sheets, molds and equipment are the three elements…

Audio Industry CNC Machining Sheet Metal Prototyping

The audio industry is a massive revenue-generating behemoth, with the sales of musical instruments alone making up for 4.5 billion dollars annually. As any musician may attest to, producing precise electric and acoustic instruments requires a fair bit of know-how and precision. That’s where CNC machining comes in, producing premium audio, guitars, violins and so much more,…