The difference between hard anodizing and ordinary anodizing:

Advantages of aluminum alloy hard oxidation:

1. The surface hardness of aluminum alloy after hard oxidation can reach up to about HV500.

2. The oxide film thickness is 25-250um.

3. Strong adhesion, according to the oxidation characteristics of hard oxidation: 50% of the formed oxide film penetrates the inside of the aluminum alloy, and 50% adheres to the surface of the aluminum alloy…

What is the difference between anodizing and polishing aluminum alloy surface?

Generally, it will be better to oxidize after polishing the bright surface. If oxidized, different colors can be oxidized, and it is not easy to scratch. If it is polished, it will be a mirror, high-gloss, and aesthetically better than oxidation, but it is easy to get flowers. Anodizing is equivalent to the protection of polishing. .

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