Many work industries need to carry out sheet metal processing operations, this work contains more content, such as including blanking and material bending forming and other processing processes, in the process of these processing procedures, operators must pay attention to whether the parameters Accuracy and whether the application method meets the standard requirements. At present, the workplace also attaches great importance to the processing quality of materials. Therefore, in the process of this processing operation, attention should also be paid to the application of technical skills and knowledge, so as to meet the development needs of the industry. Let’s give a brief introduction to the precautions for this processing work by our professional sheet metal processing manufacturers.
When performing sheet metal processing on materials, care should be taken to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. Although for an operational task, reducing the amount of input materials does not have a great impact on cost recovery, so for long-term large amounts of processing, if possible Taking shortening input and loss as the main purpose can reduce more expenses for manufacturers and bring more economic benefits for manufacturers.
During the process of sheet metal processing, if you want to achieve the goal of reducing investment, you need to strictly follow the production specifications to complete the work process. Before each processing, you need to review the application of the material. Process casually. The waste generated by many processing industries is because the materials are not determined before processing, so the staff must first clarify the type of processing materials, and check the specifications and models of the materials, and make good preparations to avoid mistakes during processing. It can also reduce the amount of waste parts. Workers should pay attention to these problems when processing.
What are the tips for Changzhou sheet metal processing manufacturers:
1. In order to avoid broken chips and hurt people, the baffle should be installed in the proper orientation.

2. When you need to polish the surface of the workpiece with gauze, move the tool to a safe position, and be careful not to let your hands and clothes touch the surface of the workpiece. When grinding the inner hole, do not use your fingers to support the gauze, use a wooden stick instead, and the speed should not be too fast.

3. Stop putting things, fixtures or workpieces on the lathe bed and the spindle gearbox. Concentrate on your thoughts while doing your homework. Stop tired operation, chat operation, multi-person operation, drunk operation, smoking operation.

4. Adhere to the neatness of the machine tool, things and work place, and do a good job of handover. When cleaning the work place after work, the power should be turned off, and the various knife handles should be placed in a safe place.

5. When turning workpieces with irregular shapes, a balance weight should be installed, and the cutting should be carried out after trial rotation to balance.

6. The tool clamping should be reliable. The protruding part of the cutter head should not exceed 1.5 times the height of the cutter body. The shape and scale of the shim under the cutter should be consistent with the shape and scale of the cutter body. The shim should be as few and flat as possible.

7. Except that the lathe is equipped with a measuring tool that can be automatically measured during operation, the car should be parked and the tool holder should be moved to a safe position before measuring the workpiece.

8. Banded chips and helical long chips generated during cutting should be eliminated in time by hooks, and stop by hand.

9. Wear work clothes, tie up cuffs, wear protective glasses before work, and female workers must wear work caps, which are distributed in hair caps to stop wearing gloves.

10. The loading and unloading of the chuck on the main shaft of the lathe must be carried out after stopping, and the force of the motor cannot be used to remove the chuck.

11. The protruding part of the chuck, dial and chicken heart clamp that holds the workpiece is best to use a protective cover to avoid strangling the clothes and other parts of the body. If there is no protective cover, pay attention to adhere to a certain interval during operation.

12. When clamping the workpiece with the center, it should be noted that the center of the center of the center of the center of the spindle should be completely consistent with the center hole of the spindle. The center of the center should not be damaged or skewed.

13. When turning slender workpieces, in order to ensure the safety of operation and the quality of processing, the follower tool holder or the center frame should be used. For the processing part that exceeds the scale of the lathe, a mobile protective cover and a safety sign should be set.

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