If you want an effective transparent 3D printing model, what is the most critical point? Of course, it is the choice of materials. After all, the materials that can be used in the 3D printing model are those. Some are white and some are yellow. If you need a color effect, you can paint later, but if you want to make it transparent Words of effect.

This is a colorless and transparent material itself. The difference between it and ordinary photosensitive resin is that the color is white and one is transparent. The strength and performance are similar, and this material is used for The 3D printing model can have a very good molding degree and a very smooth surface, which can bring you excellent results.

You may find that after this transparent photosensitive resin is used in 3D printing models, the effect is semi-transparent. How can you achieve a true transparent 3D printing model? Mainly, some processing is needed in the later stage. Generally speaking, only manual polishing is needed to achieve full transparency, so if you want to make some transparent hand boards or models, you can use this material Come to 3D print the model and get the best results.

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