As a processing technology, plastic mold processing, after its production or completion, will be somewhat defective. How to solve this situation?

1. Dent. The causes of dents are:
1) Insufficient cooling of the mold, insufficient cooling time will cause serious deformation.
2) This situation also occurs when the internal pressure of the mold is insufficient.
3) The thickness of each part of the product is different. In this case, the overall treatment method: reduce the temperature of the barrel and the mold temperature, force cooling in the place where the dent is generated, fill the flow edge with the dent, and control the difference in the thickness of the designed product.

2. Products are whitened. The causes of product whitening are as follows.
1) Excessive pressure.
2) Poor mold release. In this case, the overall treatment method: when designing plastic molds, it is necessary to pay attention to the slope of the mold release. When making the mold, the cavity of the mold should be kept clean, and the injection pressure should be immediately reduced in real-time processing.
There are many cases of undesirable phenomena in the processing of plastic molds. I hope that everyone will be cautious during the operation and strive to make perfect works.

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