Advantages of wire cutting:

1. CNC wire cutting processing is contour cutting processing, no need to design and manufacture forming tool electrodes, which greatly reduces processing costs and shortens the production cycle.

2. Directly use electric energy for pulse electric discharge machining. The tool electrode and the workpiece are not in direct contact, and there is no macro cutting force in machining. It is suitable for machining low-rigidity parts and small parts.

3. Regardless of the hardness of the workpiece, any conductive or semi-conductive material can be processed.

4. The slit can be as narrow as 0.005mm, and only the workpiece material is processed along the contour of the «nesting», which has a high material utilization rate and can effectively save valuable materials.

5. The moving long electrode wire continuously passes through the cutting area, the loss of the electrode wire per unit length is small, and the processing accuracy is high.

6. Water-based working fluid is generally used, which can avoid fire, is safe and reliable, and can realize unattended continuous processing day and night.

7. It is usually used to process straight wall surfaces on parts. Through X-Y-U-V four-axis linkage control, it can also perform taper cutting and processing upper and lower cross-section special-shaped bodies, curved surfaces with twisted shapes, spherical bodies and other parts.

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