Sheet metal processing industry is a classic traditional industry sheet metal processing. With the successive invention of sheet metal processing in the last century by semiconductors, computers, lasers, etc., it has injected new vitality into the sheet metal processing industry, and has greatly promoted the industries of aviation, automobiles, shipbuilding, communications electronics and precision instruments and machine tools. development of.

With the development of science and technology, it has promoted the changes of human production mode and thinking mode. Advanced manufacturing and information industries are receiving more and more attention. The development of science and technology guides the development direction of the industry, and the production methods promote the production process of material wealth. The gradual formation and development of the sheet metal processing industry has greatly accelerated the manufacturing and distribution mode of sheet metal processing in the manufacturing industry, breaking the traditional logistics simple procurement and transportation practices, and introducing the concept of processing and distribution. Such concepts and ideas have broadened the horizon and accelerated The integration of traditional machinery manufacturing and technology.

At present, the development of foreign processing and distribution models has been very mature. It uses integrated raw material procurement-cutting (punching) blanking-bending forming-welding (assembly)-grinding-spraying-packaging-distribution integrated services. The emergence of sheet metal processing companies has eliminated the complicated procedures for manufacturing companies to purchase raw materials and transportation, and has saved a lot of customers’ manpower, material resources, and energy. For customers who are preparing to purchase equipment for processing, they have saved investment in building factories, purchasing equipment, The consumption of a lot of internal resources such as recruiting personnel, setting up inventory, and managing materials. As a result, the manufacturing enterprises are more focused on the development of new technologies and the research of market trends, and the manufacturing enterprises are able to adapt to the unpredictable market, reducing the risk of the enterprise from the market.

The next five to fifteen years will be an important period for my country to implement the third step of strategic deployment. To improve the people’s living standards and rapidly improve the important material foundation of the people’s survival and quality of life, it is necessary to accelerate the development of the equipment manufacturing industry. We must seize the opportunity to expand domestic demand, develop the market, seize the opportunity to join the WTO to participate in the international division of labor, seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of precision machinery manufacturing, strive to improve the level of equipment, and quickly change the situation in the equipment industry that seriously lags behind the production and construction needs. , Which provides a broad market prospect for the development of sheet metal processing industry.

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