The special process of spray coating application uses a special process to form a 0.5–1mm thick coating on the surface of the equipment. The coating has the following characteristics:

1. The coating and metal sound have extremely high binding force: the external force can not be removed basically, which solves the defect that the traditional lining car fluorine process PTFE layer and the metal base layer are prone to bubbling and falling off due to insufficient binding force. The performance is particularly obvious in an environment with frequent changes;

2. Overcome the limitations of the traditional lining PTFE process due to the shape limitation: any shape equipment and parts can be sprayed;

3. Excellent forming and re-processing performance: due to the excellent melt flow performance of fluoroplastics, it can be machined after spraying on the surface of the parts to meet the requirements for precise control of the parts size

4. Excellent anti-sticking performance: after spraying, it not only has excellent anti-sticking performance but also has excellent temperature resistance performance, it still has unique anti-sticking performance in 180-degree high temperature use, and is widely used in the rubber and plastics industry;

5. Excellent vacuum resistance: no delamination under any vacuum conditions;

6. Excellent mechanical properties: high mechanical strength, high hardness and toughness.

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