The copper parts in the general household socket can ensure the smooth current and reduce the heat-hazard components. Thick copper sheet, improve current passing ability, reduce the resistance of copper parts; anti-oxidation, no rust, reduce the increase of resistance due to rust and heat generation; less riveting, preferably a whole piece of copper, further reduce the riveting part Cracking and rivet heating. Strong resistance, especially used in the socket socket part, not easy to be deformed. Even if the socket is used for a long time, it can adhere to the proper clamping force, ensure that the socket is tightly connected with the plug, and the arc is cut;

The current flow sockets all use tin phosphor bronze as the copper material. The appearance of tin-phosphorus bronze alloy is purple-red. The biggest feature is its high fatigue resistance, strong elasticity, excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Even after long-term use, its appearance will not be oxidized and corroded, the insert sleeve will not be deformed, and the proper clamping force will always be adhered to. Consider the thickness of the copper piece. If you can’t open the product for visual inspection, you can use the simple handcuff component. The more the copper parts are used, the heavier the weight of the socket.
Metal stamping parts shrapnel machine Note: Before pulling the mold, you need to confirm the mold feeding material. The feeding plate has been loosened and taken off. When the mold is not pulled, one person can pull outwards and one person pushes backward. (Do not bother to After pushing, the mold is pushed out of the punching path.) After the screw hole of the lower mold base is screwed by the lifting mold screw, the two hands are lifted up one by one and then pulled out. When the mold is pulled away from the punching machine, the mold car cannot be turned too fast, avoiding the guide plate or material. The pallet is hung on the punch or the punching soundproof cover, which constitutes the damage of the mold parts or the mold slipping. The abnormal mold can not be operated again, especially after the mold stops the high-post plastic. After the mold is pressed, the punching machine and other power supplies are turned off. To avoid waste of cost, when the mold is normally shut down, the mold must be infused to the auxiliary needle to enter the round hole of the material. (After no air pressure, the material that the feeder does not hold the material retreats to cause the tape to wrap.) At the bottom of the dead point. (Easy to form the inner spring of the in-mold spring, the life of the mold metal stamping parts shrapnel stamping (metal stamping parts shrapnel or non-metal shrapnel) batch processing and rewards into the special policy parts. The mold is stamping parts to Important, according to The range of products used by the industry is different, and the scope of fine metal shrapnel is different.

The following is a description of several categories of classification, storage and output energy as power, such as watch sheet metal stamping parts shrapnel, metal stamping parts shrapnel in machinery. Control the movement of the machine, such as the valve metal stamping piece in the internal combustion engine, the control metal stamping piece in the clutch and so on.

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