1. The type of raw materials used for plastic processing in Guangdong: PET/PVC/PS; material characteristics: PET has a high melting point, good toughness, high transparency, high strength, anti-static, and environmental protection; PVC has good toughness, transparency, and can be used for surface treatment; PS Environmental protection, high strength, easy to break, and good thermoforming performance; Nanya plastic PVC sheet, Taiwan Nanya PP, Yuanfang PET sheet and Guoyuan PC sheet.

2. Equipment: Fully automatic tablet blister forming machine, hemming machine, punching machine, high frequency machine, sealing machine. Control of pressure, temperature stability and accuracy, molding speed, mold stability.

3. Standard process: raw material feeding, heating and softening, forming, cooling, demoulding, cutting, etc. This process will cause some parts of the product to become significantly thinner. For precision products, how to control the thickness variation requires the processing plant to consider these factors in the process design and mold design.

4. Mould: Gypsum mould, followed by electroplated copper mould, then aluminum mould.

5. Post-treatment: trimming, sealing, surface treatment, etc.

6. Key control points: incoming inspection and process parameter design.

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