Sheet metal processing is generally to plastically deform some metal sheets by hand or die stamping to form the desired shape and size, and can further form more complex parts by welding or a small amount of mechanical processing; sheet metal processing has been Our lives are closely related. It is an imperative development trend to improve the level of sheet metal processing technology and produce higher quality sheet metal parts.
So, how to effectively improve the level of sheet metal processing technology? The editor believes that in order to effectively improve the level of sheet metal processing technology, we can start from the following points:
1. Strengthen the research of sheet metal processing technology.
The plasticity of sheet metal processing allows sheet metal processing to grow rapidly. The advantage of sheet metal processing compared to other processing technologies is plasticity. There are three types of plastic forming for sheet metal processing: cold, warm and hot; three studies on plastic forming of sheet metal processing are inevitable Row:
1. Discuss various solutions of mechanics in the plastic forming process of sheet metal processing to analyze the stress and strain distribution rules in the deformed body, and determine the deformation force and deformation work, so as to reasonably select equipment tonnage and mold strength.
2. Investigate the rules for changing the strain and scale of the component during the plastic forming process of sheet metal processing, select the appropriate blank and a reasonable center blank shape, so as to optimally reach the required shape of the component.
3. Investigate the influence of temperature, strain rate effect and other sheet metal processing conditions on the resistance of metal plastic processing and methods of improving metal resistance and reducing resistance to obtain components with outstanding functions. Plastic analysis methods for metal forming mainly include principal stress method, slip line method, upper limit method, finite element method, etc .; commonly used test methods include apparent plastic method and dense grid moiré method.
Second, the standardized principles of standardized sheet metal processing.
1. (Chassis cabinet sheet metal processing) It is not allowed to put tools, fixtures and workpieces on the lathe and the gearbox. You need to concentrate on the construction. Don’t be tired, chat, multi-person and smoking control.
2. In order to prevent crumbling chips from hitting people, a transparent baffle needs to be placed in a suitable place.
3. Banded chips that appear during cutting, and long chips that are sheet metal processed, need to be solved as soon as possible by using hooks. Do not use hands.
4. When it is suitable to use gauze to grind the appearance of parts, you need to move the cutter to a safe place, and be careful not to let your hands and clothes touch the appearance. When grinding the holes inside, you can not use your fingers to support gauze, you need to use other items to replace, and the speed should not be too fast.
Third, do a good job in cleaning processing of sheet metal processing.
1. First, rinse the surface of the sheet metal cabinet with water to remove dirt on the surface.
2. Then add soap, liquid detergent or 5% aqueous ammonia solution to wipe.
3. Rinse carefully with water again.
4. In the end, we will dry the water stains remaining on the outer surface of the cabinet and cabinet. In the process of drying, we must scrub in the same direction in order to clean more cleanly. After the scrubbing, we let the surface dry naturally.
In the process of sheet metal processing, if the above three aspects are done, it is basically equivalent to consolidating the basic work of sheet metal processing, thereby effectively improving the level of sheet metal processing technology; in order to produce high-quality and reasonable sheet metal processing product.

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