How should you choose sheet metal Shouban customization?
Sheet metal Shouban customized new products need to do Shouban model customization when they are just beginning to be developed. So what are the ways to customize the new product model of the new product?
One is to verify the appearance.
The second is the verification function.
The third is to participate in the exhibition, use the sheet metal processing hand board instead of the product to display at the exhibition, do the preliminary publicity work, and even get orders.
The fourth is direct sales, such as structural prototypes, also called functional prototypes, which can be sold directly on the market as products to verify the market’s response to the product.
The majority of customers need to find a professional sheet metal processing factory when customizing the sheet metal hand board. If the accuracy of the hand board is high, try to choose aluminum alloy materials, because the equipment for processing aluminum hand boards is relatively advanced, and the processing accuracy It can reach 0.05mm and the processing speed is fast. However, when making CNC prototypes, there are some details that also need our attention.
1: Determining the material properties The products with high temperature resistance, strong wear resistance and high toughness all have different material requirements, and whether the overall processing is also related to the material. If you need to make a high temperature resistant hand board, the material is better with pps, which can withstand a high temperature of 300 degrees; if you make a transparent hand board, PC and acrylic materials are better; if you use disassembly parts, ABS material is a good choice Sticky.
2: Determine the processing method
1) CNC machining Engraving and milling the material on the CNC numerical control machining center, combined with superb manual processing, the CNC machining prototype model is completed.
2) Rapid prototyping SLA is also known as optical modeling or laser curing rapid prototyping. The SLA prototype molding process occupies a large share of the 3D printing market.
3) Silicone compound mold Vacuum compound mold can be obtained by various processing methods such as CNC, SLA, etc., then the prototype is copied to obtain the product. The copied product has high precision and good strength, and can meet various functions of design requirements. It is suitable for the trial production of small batches of functional parts, reducing the cost and risk of mold opening.
3: Determine the surface treatment The surface treatment of general hand boards is electroplating, sand blasting, oil spraying, oxidation, wire drawing, etc. The processing cost and duration of different effects will also vary greatly, so it is the key to determine your own needs in advance Where. It is worth noting that oxidation is only suitable for aluminum alloy hand boards, and other material hand boards cannot be oxidized.
4: Determine the processing cost Because the rapid proofing of the sheet metal prototype requires only a small amount of investment, the overall calculation is also very critical. First determine your own needs and budget, and then select the corresponding sheet metal processing manufacturer according to the actual situation. If you have a sufficient budget, you can choose a large sheet metal processing plant, so that the quality of the customized sheet metal hand plate can be guaranteed.

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