45# steel, belongs to high-quality carbon structural steel
Uses: Commonly used as materials for shaft parts.
Mechanical properties: good mechanical processing performance and strength hardness, quenching and tempering treatment, quenching temperature 820°~850°, return water temperature 600°~650°, HRC40°.
High-speed SKH-9 (commonly known as wind steel), similar to the mainland brand W6CrM05V2
Uses: It is often used for the block (insert) of engineering molds or continuous molds and punches for punching small holes. Many tools such as ordinary milling cutters, drills, wire taps, etc. are also suitable.
Mechanical properties: high hardness, good wear resistance, complicated heat treatment process. Hardness HRC62°~64°.
SKD11, similar to domestic CR12M0V
Uses: Male molds, female molds and molds with higher requirements, such as stripping of continuous molds of stainless steel shrapnel, etc.
Uses: Stripping, up and down pads, splints with higher requirements, female and male molds with lower requirements.
Mechanical properties: heat treatment quenching temperature 760°, return water temperature 140°~250°, hardness HRC50°~58°.
DC53 (SKD upgraded product)
Uses: Commonly used in male and female molds of higher density molds.
Mechanical properties: Hardness and wear resistance are better than SKD, and the deformation coefficient is less than SKD. The heat treatment quenching temperature is 980°~1050°, the return water temperature is 180°~250°, and the hardness is HRC55°~62°.
D3, alloy tool steel is similar to mainland C12.
Uses: Stripping, underlaying, female and male molds with lower requirements.
Mechanical properties: heat treatment quenching temperature 950°~980°, return water temperature 180°~250°, hardness HRC50°~56°.
NAK80, pre-hardened die steel.
The electrical processing performance is good, the mechanical processing performance is poor, and no heat treatment is required after processing. Due to the compact internal molecular structure of the material, the polishing performance is good.
SS41 (also known as A3 steel) is a carbon structural steel.
Uses: upper and lower mold seat feet, heightening boards, supporting boards, lower backing boards, splints.
Gray cast iron (pig iron), commonly used grades of gray cast iron HT30~54.
Uses: Mould base, general machine bed.

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