Sheet metal processing cabinets are classified into equipment cabinets and wiring cabinets by function. In the design of sheet metal cabinet processing, we must not only consider the use of sheet metal cabinets, but also adjust the space design and adjustment of sheet metal according to the equipment assembly of sheet metal cabinets. Load capacity. All kinds of equipment should be placed in the equipment cabinet, and the wiring cabinet needs to be routed reasonably.

A cabinet made of sheet metal is not just a cabinet for equipment. A good cabinet needs to ensure that the computer can run in a good environment. The heat dissipation of the device needs to be resolved, and the cabinet contracts the computer’s heat dissipation. The cabinet systematically solves the problems of high-density heat dissipation in computer applications, a large number of cable attachment and management, large-capacity power distribution, and full compatibility with rack equipment of different manufacturers, thereby enabling the data center to operate in a highly stable environment .

Most of the sheet metal processing cabinets are made of cold-rolled steel plates or alloys, and are used to store items of computers and related control equipment. The main role is to provide protection for the storage equipment, shield electromagnetic interference, and arrange the equipment in an orderly and orderly manner for future maintenance device.

Cabinets can also be divided into server cabinets, network cabinets, console cabinets, etc. according to their uses.

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