Specific gravity A6-1.14g/cm3 PA66-1.15g/cm3 PA1010-1.05g/cm3

Molding shrinkage rate A6-0.8-2.5% PA66-1.5-2.2%

Molding temperature: 220-300℃

Drying conditions: 100-110℃ for 12 hours

Material performance

Tough, abrasion-resistant, oil-resistant, water-resistant, anti-enzyme bacteria, but high water absorption. Nylon 6 has good elasticity, high impact strength, and greater water absorption. Nylon 66 has better performance than nylon 6, high strength and good wear resistance. Nylon 610 is similar to nylon 66 , But low water absorption, low stiffness, nylon 1010 translucent, low water absorption, good cold resistance, suitable for the production of general mechanical parts, wear-reducing and wear-resistant parts, transmission parts, and chemical, electrical, instrumentation and other parts

Forming performance

1. The crystalline material has a higher melting point and a narrow melting temperature range and poor thermal stability. The material temperature exceeds 300 degrees, and the residence time exceeds 30 minutes. It is easy to absorb moisture, needs to be dried, and the water content should not exceed 0.3%.

2. Good fluidity and easy to overflow. It is advisable to use a self-locking nozzle and it should be heated.

3. The molding shrinkage range and shrinkage rate are large, the directionality is obvious, and shrinkage and deformation are easy to occur.

4. The mold temperature is selected according to the wall thickness of the plastic part in the range of 20-90 degrees, the injection pressure is selected according to the type of injection machine, the material temperature, the shape and size of the plastic part, and the mold casting system, and the molding cycle is selected according to the wall thickness of the plastic part. If the resin viscosity is small, the injection and cooling time should be long, and white oil should be used as the release agent.

5. For the form and size of the mold gating system, increasing the runner and gate size can reduce shrinkage.

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