Most of the transparent food blister products we see in supermarkets are made of BOPS materials. BOPS blister products have been used in developed countries for many years. It has good strength and strong resistance to tearing. It has good gloss and transparency than PET and PVC materials. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and has good chemical stability. Acid, alkali, salt and other substances react, do not change the taste of food and the quality of medicine, and comply with international food and medical hygiene standards; it has good temperature adaptability and can maintain its size for a long time in the range of -35 degrees to 95 degrees Stable and non-deformable; BOPS blister products do not produce any toxic substances during use or incineration, and can be recycled and reused 100%.

The difference between BOPS blister products and ordinary blister products is that it must be produced using a fully automatic plastic positive air pressure thermoforming machine, which can be heated, formed, and die cut at once. The cost of mold development is high, but the unit price is low.

BOPS plastic packaging products can be used as various types of food utensils: food boxes, food covers, fast food boxes, aquatic product trays, fruit trays, fruit boxes, pastry boxes, vegetable boxes, candy boxes, frozen food boxes, and can also be used inside and outside medicine Packaging, clothing and daily necessities packaging.

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