In the process of aluminum alloy gravity casting, as the shape of its castings is different, the casting molds of its products are also different. Even if it is the same part, the mold form is often different with different casting processes, but in any case Aluminum alloy gravity casting molds still have their commonalities.
Aluminum alloy gravity casting must choose a suitable casting process during operation. The quality of the casting process is directly related to the quality of the casting and the yield of the process. Some domestic mold manufacturers have begun to use solidification simulation to assist the design of the casting process. Through computer simulation of the filling and solidification process, the hot-junction aluminum alloy casting parts that are prone to casting defects are found and overcome, which improves the casting process. The reliability of the design effectively prevents unnecessary rework of the mold during debugging, which is very important and effective.
Aluminum alloy gravity casting process structure and performance advantages
The mold must have good heat capacity. Thick mold bases and modules that meet the requirements are not only an effective guarantee for the life of the mold, but also have a very important role in the adjustment of the temperature field during the continuous operation of the mold. The mold must have a more reliable cooling system and air extraction system. Through cooling, not only can the labor productivity be effectively improved, but also the temperature field of the casting can be adjusted and the cooling rate of the casting can be controlled, thereby affecting the internal structure and grain size of the casting and achieving the purpose of effectively controlling the casting performance of the mechanical aluminum alloy casting.
As the name implies, gas extraction is to artificially discharge the gas inside the cavity to the outside of the cavity to reduce the possibility of blowhole defects in the casting. At the same time, by installing an exhaust plug, the mold temperature in a small area can also be adjusted, which has an important role in preventing and overcoming cracking and shrinkage of aluminum alloys.
There must be a mold positioning device matching the casting machine and a convenient mold installation system. The positioning device is not only a key to ensuring the size of castings and reducing draping and burrs, but also a key to ensuring the normal operation of the casting machine. It can be said that the mold does not have a good positioning device, and there is no good qualified casting.
The compound die-casting aluminum alloy radiator has the following advantages in structure and performance:
1. Corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, durable, suitable for heating systems with different water quality.
2. The composite process of heat transfer thermal resistance and tube expansion is simplified, and the overall heat dissipation performance of the heating system is improved.
3. Superior thermal performance and high metal thermal strength.
4. It avoids the smoke wall caused by heat radiation, and the heat dissipation effect is excellent.
5. Free assembly, flexible assembly and convenient installation.
6. The surface of the radiator is free of harmful substances and will not cause harm to the environment and human body.
7. Simple, beautiful and generous, it can coexist and coexist with die casting in harmony, and the die casting is reliable

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