Advantages of powder spraying:

a) High construction efficiency. For large-area operations, the construction staff can install multiple electrostatic spray guns and spray multiple at the same time, which can effectively shorten the spraying time and improve the spraying efficiency;

b) Powder spraying is the corona discharge of the electrostatic spray gun to make the powder adhere to the workpiece. After curing, a coating film will be formed on the surface of the workpiece. The coating has good quality, high adhesion and mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and short curing time. Primer

c) A thicker coating can be obtained with one coating, such as coating a coating of 100-300μm, using ordinary solvent coatings, about 4-6 times, and powder coatings can reach the thickness in one pass . The corrosion resistance of the coating is very good.

d) Powder spraying can conceal some traces that cannot be achieved by spray paint, and it is not easy to scratch. The important thing is that the spray powder is an environmentally friendly material, does not contain VOC, is non-toxic, and does not pollute the environment;

e) The powder electrostatic spraying process does not contain organic solvents, and the coating process does not generate solvent vapors and does not pollute the air. Therefore, strict environmental protection measures are not required, and powder electrostatic spraying does not have difficulties such as waste gas emission control.

f) The work efficiency of the powder sprayer is 10 times that of the manual sprayer; it does not use water, it is suitable for large-scale prevention and control and water shortage areas; the prevention and control are timely and the operation is simple;

g) Adopting new technology such as powder electrostatic spraying, which has high efficiency and is suitable for automatic assembly line coating; the powder utilization rate is high and can be recycled, and the powder recycling rate is basically 100%;

h) Powder coatings began to be used in protection and electrical aspects. With the development of technology, it has been widely used in the automotive industry, electrical insulation, corrosion-resistant chemical pumps, valves, cylinders, pipes, outdoor steel components, steel furniture, Surface coating of castings.

Disadvantages of powder spraying:

a) Powder spraying is very suitable for large-area construction, but electrostatic spraying is often stumped by some complicated shapes of workpieces, which will cause uneven paint film, and manual repair is required, causing more troublesome consequences.

b) The construction personnel should also be particularly careful when operating, and must strictly follow the operating requirements, otherwise it will cause electric shocks and set fire alarms.

c) The utilization rate is low, the dust is easy to fly and cause environmental pollution, which is greatly affected by climatic factors, the adhesion and durability are relatively poor, the wind and rain loss is large, the prevention effect is unstable; the dosage is large, and the economy is poor.

d) There will be dust during construction, a special recovery system is required, and the investment is relatively large;

e) The paintability is slightly worse than paint.

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